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Help Me Get Out of Foreclosure

Local Foreclosure That Offer A Better & Faster Way!

We can help you save your house Avoiding Foreclosure In Mississippi. We focus on trying to make it simple and fast to get you out of what we call the “foreclosure cloud”. We are genuinely looking to help homeowners while we find the best options with no obligations. We help homeowners get out of foreclosure!!

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We Help Foreclosures In Mississippi

Save Your Mississippi House Fast To A Company You Can Count On. It’s A Free, Easy, No Pressure Process.

Help Me Save My Home From Foreclosure

We Save Your House In Mississippi by taking a simple approach when working with a home owner in foreclosure. Understanding that foreclosure is a tough conversation to have will give you a bit of relief knowing we can walk you through saving your foreclosure.

~ take away the worry of your home being sold at an auction

Why Not Save Your House From Foreclosure Before Losing At An Auction

How Can I Avoid Foreclosure?

With your back against the wall, the calls, the letters, it never stops, and all you are wanting to do is STOP MY FORECLOSURE. It’s not like you wanted to be in this situation, life just happens to us all. All of this adds up and creates a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be when you are trying to avoid foreclosure. We can work together to go through your FORECLOSURE OPTIONS.

Saving your foreclosure doesn’t have to be hard!

My Promise To You

My name is Cory! I will do my best to bring you the best option that works. Even if I’m not the best option for you I will help you move into a direction that is! Just fill in the form below to save your house. Remember, it’s 100% FREE and never any obligation to accept.

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How Do I Avoid Foreclosure In Mississippi?

Avoiding Foreclosure in your Mississippi house is honestly quite easy. We eliminate the “middle man” like attorney’s and bankruptcy if possible. We want you headed back in the right direction!


The hardest part is sometimes the simplest! Just by starting the conversation you are moving in the right direction.


We know you are not going to pick just anyone to work with. So, get to know us a bit while we go through options for you!


We will not waste your time. Fill in any of our forms or call and let’s get you to the finish line.

Try Not To Wait To Get Out Of Foreclosure

Get rid of the phone calls, no more worrying about the bank sending letters, it’s time to remove the stress, the uncertainties, or the worry about where you will go if your house is sold at an auction. We stop foreclosures all over Mississippi no matter what your reason is.

whether you are Avoiding Foreclosure

your house Needs Repairs

you have Lost Your Job

need to Move Quickly

received a Foreclosure Auction Date

you are Elderly or Just Can’t Afford The Mortgage


“I rarely write reviews but Cory and his team are so good I feel like I have to. Cory will give you honest and useful information. Super easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

Willie Wright [Horn Lake, MS]

“The people, the honesty, the knowledge is so worth using Mid-South Home Offers. They will give you the information that is best for you and will even encourage you to check out some of their competitors just to make sure your getting exactly what you need. I’m more than happy to recommend these guys to any and everyone.”

Stephanie [DeSoto County, MS]

“I’m more than happy to recommend these guys to any and everyone.”

“We close with a local title company and let you choose the best closing date for your situation.”

“I need to sell my house in Mississippi fast but I do not want to pay agent fees or wait months hoping the house will sell. I just want to sell my house in Mississippi and walk away with Cash in hand!”

~Don’t Worry We’ve Got You Covered

What exactly is happening during Foreclosure!

As you probably know by now foreclosure occurs when a homeowner is no longer able to make mortgage payments. This will force the lender to sell the property at an auction, removing the homeowner, as stipulated in the mortgage contract.  Here are a few things we can do to make sure you aren’t forced out of your home because of foreclosure.

Try For A Personal Loan!

Sometimes it’s just about gaining the courage to reach out.

Loan Modification!

This is a win win for the bank but if you could qualify this might be a decent option if you could afford the difference after catching up.

Cash Offer!

This could get you the fresh start you have been looking for. Take what you want, leave the rest. We’ll take care of it all.

Creative Finance

Equity or no equity we can be flexible with terms to do whats best for you. This is very powerful in foreclosure situations.

Communicate With Lender

We can help through the foreclosure process by communicating with your lender to make sure they know we are working on it!

Catching Up The Mortgage!

As easy as it may sound this can be tough but it is the easiest way to avoid foreclosure and get everything back to normal 😉



We Need To Get Rid Of This Foreclosure Cloud Fast.

If you have discussed foreclosure options and just simply can’t afford your mortgage anymore, you may need to leave your home. That can be a difficult decision. But you don’t have to just walk away. You can still make decisions that are better for you financially and for your credit.


If you need to sell fast because you simply can’t catch up the mortgage payments listing with an agent is not always an option. Foreclosure, divorce, behind on taxes, house is vacant or occupied, even if it is uninhabitable, it does not matter! We can buy your house no matter the situation or even find you a buyer if this is the route you feel like is best for you. Every situation in foreclosure is different. The main goal is to find the foreclosure option that is best for you.

Finding foreclosure options like a creative finance agreement, personal loan for loan reinstatement, and cash offers will typically be less expensive and shorter processes than actually allowing foreclosure to end in an auction. A foreclosure can also do much more damage to your credit. If you try to buy another home you will typically pay a higher interest rate than if you did not have a foreclosure in your credit report or even get denied.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days...

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Foreclosure gets expensive. With the missed mortgage payments you already owe, you will also be charged more fees, including title search fees, attorney fees, and more. These fees add up each month you are in the foreclosure process, so it is important to act quickly to see if one of these options could help you avoid foreclosure.


If you are in foreclosure or if you are facing foreclosure the best time reach out was yesterday. Please reach out as soon as possible so you have the time and options to get out of this situation.

Just the thought of losing your home to foreclosure is a scary and depressing. Aside from the short-term need for housing, there is the longer-term damage it does to your financial future.

But the one thing you can’t afford to do is be paralyzed by fear. You have to act as fast as possible. Fortunately, options exist to protect you and your home which i’m hoping gives you the courage knowing people like us are here to help not judge.

Lenders would rather have a paying customer than an empty house on their hands. Contacting your lender is definitely at the top of the list.

Our Customers Have Been Leaving 5 STAR REVIEWS
We Must Be Doing Something Right!

We simply want to make your experience the best it can possibly be.

There’s ZERO Risk for You to Contact Us

Let’s just have a conversation. If you’re worried about who you might speak to just contact me personally. My name is Cory and I would love to see if I can be the one who can help you. If I can’t that is OK. I’ll give you the best advice I can so you can leave the conversation feeling great about what to do next. Text or Call ANYTIME (662) 622-1422.

Avoiding Foreclosure In Mississippi. We focus on trying to make it simple and fast to get you out of foreclosure. We are genuinely looking to help homeowners while we find the best options with no obligations. We help homeowners get out of foreclosure in all counties in Mississippi and even some in Tennessee. We help in DeSoto County, Marshall County, Tate County, Tunica County, Coahoma County, Quitman County, Panola County, Lafayette County, Union County, Benton County, Shelby County, and beyond. Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, inherited a property you do not want, dealing with a divorce, or are fed up being a landlord dealing with tenants, we can help.